Castelli Squadra Stretch Jacket

Colour: Black
Sizes: XS
Sale price$62.00 Regular price$77.00


If you’re like us, there’s a reason you’re not using your old-style wind jacket more. With waterproof jackets like the Idro being lighter and more compact than ever, we felt it was time to re - invent a classic. In reality, the Aria Shell Jacket is very different from your flappy old jacket that either didn’t protect you or didn’t breathe. This jacket is an impossibly light layer that keeps the wind off the front of your body while allowing ample breathabil - ity through the mesh side panels. But what you’ll really appre - ciate is how we use the stretch panels in the sides and on the back of the sleeves to make this jacket fit like a second skin: no flapping fabric, no cold air circulating inside the jacket, no more looking like a throwback to the Armstrong era.

This jacket is light and warm enough to wear for the entire ride in mild conditions, but if you do want to take it off it folds into a side panel pocket and stuffs away in minimal space in your pocket or seat bag.

Key Features:

Coated ripstop nylon front and back and front of sleeves to keep wind off.

· Tightly knit stretch panels on sides and sleeves allow for perfect fit
· High collar to keep drafts out
· Reflective details on chest and lower back for low-light visibility

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