Schwalbe One Performance Tube Bike Tyre

Size: 700c 28c
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The Schwalbe One road bike tyre is a folding tyre that feels as a tube. The tyre is fast, supple and offers maximum confidence to take those turns at high speed!

New Carcass and Compound
To mimic the aspects of a tube, a completely new carcass had do be developed during the creation of the Schwalbe One. The new carcass lends unprecedented supple feel and a low rolling resistance, while maintaining the same anti puncture level. And as far as high performance tyres go it has great durability so you can enjoy it for a long time.
The grip in the corners is provided by the Addix Race Compound. This compound is derived from mountainbike tyres, increasing grip without increasing the rolling resistance.


Completely new recipe. Addix Race is a multi-compound made of the latest high quality polymers. Because the silica levels have increased considerably, the mixing process had to be refined accordingly. Various special compounds are used in the design the middle and side walls. This increases the grip in corners without having a negative impact on rolling resistance or service life.

The protective layer is made of a specially developed high-tech polymer fiber, which is also used for bulletproof and stab-resistant vests. It protects perfectly against cuts and punctures while being extremely light. The tyre's rolling resistance and suppleness are not adversely affected by the V-Guard puncture protection layer. The 14 mm wide protective layer protects the entire tread, ensuring a high level of puncture resistance. The three-layer sidewall offers the sidewall the same protection against cuts.

The turn-up construction integrates Tubeless Easy technology in the most advanced manner. This makes the tyre incomparably smooth and comfortable. The ride feel is similar to the silky-soft behaviour of a classic tubular tyre.

 Technical Spec

  • Volume: 16 grams
  • Quality & Materials: Good
  • Suitable for tubeless?: No
  • Pro(s) of the tyre: Allround
  • Tyre Type: Folding tyre
  • Tyre Usage: Road Bike

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