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BLACKBURN OUTPOST BIKE AND CAMP LIGHT Whether you are making coffee in camp before dawn, or fixing a flat late at night, it’s helpful to have your hands free with a light focused on your work. We developed the Outpost Bike & Camp headlamp with that specific need in mind. Additionally, we installed a silicone “lampshade” over the light source that can allow you to bring the light down to a soft ambient glow, should the mood strike you. On or off the bike, in or out of camp, this light is meant to provide you with the extra versatility you need to focus on the task at hand, by getting up to 400 lumens of light out of your hands, and onto your forehead.

Light Modes The light splits its light modes into two different groups of lighting: bike and camp. These modes allow you to switch the lights use from keeping you visible on your bike to helping you see on a hike through the wilderness, or helping you see as you make a cup of tea at camp. They range from 400 lumens to guide your way to 40 lumens that is comfortable to use around others.


  • Blitz: 400 lumens – 1 hour
  • Low: 200 lumens – 2 hours
  • Strobe: 200 lumens – 8 hours


  • High: 100 lumens – 3.5 hours
  • Long Burn: 40 lumens – 8 hours


  • Blackburn’s Outpost Camp Bike Front Light comes with a bike and camp mounting system. Included with the light is a silicone HB strap, a bag/rack clip, and a retractable head mount. These give you a great level of flexibility which allows you to use the light in multiple different ways.


  • For convenience the light comes with an internal lithium polymer battery which can be quickly and easily recharged via the, provided, USB charging cable.


  • Maximum Lumen Output: 400 lumens
  • Weight: 72g
  • Battery Type: Lithium-polymer battery
  • Water Rating: IP-65
  • Charge Type: USB

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