Cateye Sync Core 500 LM Front Light

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The CatEye SYNC technology is an easier, quicker and safer lighting solution for all types of cyclists, from commuters to enthusiast riders who train and race hard. With the latest SYNC technology you can control multiple lights from the Cateye SYNC range with just one touch. Connect the SYNC lights through the smart app to your mobile phone allowing you to monitor settings and battery life of your lights.

The SYNC Core 500 LM Front Light delivers 500 lumens for max visibility, the lens has been designed with excellent side visibility for additional safety. The main power button is capable of turning on and off your multiple Cateye SNC bike lights with the touch of a single button.

Key Features

  • Multiple lights in SYNC 
  • Just one touch SYNCs all Smarter visibility, day or night 
  • All angles, covered
    Be seen all-round, year round 
  • Premium textured polycarbonate body 
  • 500 Lm output for maximum visibility 
  • Superior side-on visibility for added safety 
  • Customise modes via the SYNC app 
  • Power button communicates pairing & battery info 
  • Charging Time: 3-6 hrs (USB 2.0) 
  • Weight: 94g incl. 
  • Flextight bracket

Mode: Output, Runtime

  • High: 500 Lm, 2 hrs 
  • Middle: 150 Lm, 9 hrs 
  • Low: 100 Lm, 15 hrs 
  • Daytime HyperConstant: 500 / 100 Lm, 18 hrs 
  • Flashing: 100 Lm, 130 hrs


  • CatEye’s utilises data from the Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis in Japan. 
  • This important data is relevant to all modern cities with commuting cyclists across the globe. •
  • 78% of all fatal accidents occur in the daytime. 
  • Crossing collisions are most frequent, but rear-end and left / right turn collisions are also common. 
  • 87% of human-factor accidents are caused by a delay in noticing the cyclist.

CatEye SYNC means:


  • CatEye SYNC is an easier, quicker and safer lighting solution for many types of cyclists, from commuters to enthusiast riders. 
  • CatEye SYNC means easy on/off – all lights can be turned on/off through one switch on the front light. No separate remote required. 
  • CatEye SYNC makes you stand out – synchronise the flash timing of rear lights for improved visibility to other vehicles on the road, day or night.


  • CatEye SYNC is compatible with Smartphones, using the CatEye SYNC app to set up and monitor up to 7 SYNC lights. 
  • Exclude modes you’re not going to use on the front SYNC Core light 
  • Synchronise the SYNC rear lights so that they flash in unison. 
  • Synchronise the SYNC rear lights to all activate in Kinetic mode.


  • The CatEye SYNC app includes battery level information for all SYNC lights, all communicated through the SYNC Core front light switch.
  • The SYNC Core monitors power levels and connectivity, eliminating any worries over whether your rear lights are still illuminated and synced while riding. No more checking behind you! 
  • The CatEye SYNC app’s “Find Me” mode identifies which rear lights need charging if you are using multiple numbers of the same rear light.

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