Catlike Kompact O Urban Helmet

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The new Catlike urban bike helmets incorporate a cloth visor specially designed for the helmets that can be used in two positions: up and down to protect against sun and rain. In addition, the cloth visor is totally removable thanks to the Velcro hitch system.

The high fluorescent colours provide extra visibility and safety for cyclists, a very important feature when riding at night or in low visibility,weather conditions such as fog or rain.

Kompact'o helmets also incorporates reflective stickers on the rear part in order to maximize the visibility of riders that pedal in traffic.

Key Features

  • Ventitlation: 21 air intakes 
  • Comfort: Fitting System MPS eVo (Multi Position System Evolution) 
  • Safety and lightweight features: 
  • LNP (Low Nape Protection) 
  • Anti insect net 
  • Reflective stickers

About Catlike

Catlike helmets are in a class of their own when it comes to comfort, safety and styling. Being light weight, catlike cycle helmets are easy to wear for a longer duration of time and offer optimized ventilation. When it comes to styling Catlike cycle helmets are available in attractive, cool and colorful designs. They are tested and used by the Pro team races throughout the world.

From the safety point of view there is no beating a Catlike helmet, they use an advanced Crash Energy Splitter (CES) technology. If the helmet suffers an impact these specialized bicycle helmets split the crash energy across the helmet, this is unlike other basic bike helmets that put the full force of the impact on a single point.

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