Pure Bike Wash 1 Litre

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Pure Bike Wash 1 Litre

At Weldtite they’ve been making superb bicycle cleaning & lubrication products for decades. After a great deal of hard work by their development team, they’ve been able to make a range that is a real alternative to ‘traditional’ cleaners & lubes AND it’s totally environmentally friendly. So if the way you treat the environment is as important to you as the way you treat your bike. Try it - IT WORKS!

Key Features

  • Brings a sparkle back to paintwork and polished metal parts
  • 100% acid free
  • Has the power of acid-based cleaners
  • Safe to use on paintwork 
  • Safe to use on all bike components

Customer Reviews

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Dr Paolo Lucaioli
Love this soap!

Cycling is one of the best way to get connected with Nature, and cyclist should respect nature at any time. Having an environmentaly friendly soap is part of the game, and this product is indeed a great example. I tried many biological soaps in the past and it was not easy to find one that would have both a eco friendly and an effective profile.
Well, we have now a great example of that!
Great cleaning power and extremely efficiency in removing any kibd of dirt you have collectedduring your spins: from mud to grit, a quick wipe and your frame goes back to its shiny aspect! Strongly recommended.

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