Rogelli Molteni Long Sleeve Jersey

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The Rogelli Molteni is a replica of the Italian Molteni team fietshirt, active from the late fifties to mid seventies. The Molteni is a modern technical and functional shirt that has excellent breathability. The shirt has a comfortable fit and three rear pockets with a short zipper.

Key Features

  • Comfort Fit
  • Sensor Brushed Fabric
  • long Zip
  • Three Rear Pockets
  • Replica Vintage Jersey

About Rogelli

The roots of Rogelli Sportswear started in the heart of the Dutch cycling world, North-Brabant and was founded in 1975. Former Tour de France yellow jerseywearer Rini Wagtmans, member of the Molteni Team, did not like the available cycling clothing at the time, which caused irritation when racing. In order to improve on this, , he started the proces of sourcing Italian handcraft materials, in order to deliver functional and comfortable cycling gear. From then onwards, we have been continuously improving by implementing our and athletes experience and expertise to the collection. Nowadays, we have extended our clothing lines to functional sportswear for running, cycling, fitness, and triathlon. Our mission is to inspire and motivate athletes to have fun while exercising. 'Enjoy the distance.'

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