AXA Greenline 15 Bike Light Set

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The AXA Greenline has a mat and compact design with luminous efficiency. It is ease to use and on top of that is USB chargeable:

The Greenline is simply mounted and easy tot take with you. These lights are suited for almost every bicycle due to the flexible rubber fastening strap.

The Greenline lights are sustainably chargeable via the supplied USB-cable. The battery of the Greenline 15 offers up to 6 hours of cycling pleasure with a charged battery in less than 2 hours charging time. The battery of the rear light gives you up to 4 hours of cycling pleasure and is charged in less than 1,5 hour. With a life span of 1000 charges, the Greenline offers a sustainable alternative for the usual battery lights.

Key Features:

  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Battery life time front 6 hours
  • Battery life time rear 4 hours
  • Rechargeable via supplied USB

Technical Spec:

  • Including Reflector: No
  • On/Off switch: Yes
  • Number of light modes: 1
  • Automatic Light-Dark: Sensor No
  • -Battery Almost Empty: Indicator Yes
  • Light Hours: 6 hours
  • Product Length: 50 mm
  • Product Width: 40 mm
  • Product Height: 65 mm
  • Product Weight: 70 gr
  • Product Packed Dimensions: 160x100x55 mm

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