Do Cycling Shoes Come in a Wide Fit?

Your feet are your first main point of contract between you and your bike, ensuring you have the correct fitting cycling shoes on will make a world of difference and make your time on the bike that bit more easier. Many people have wide feet making it more difficult to get the right shoe size to fit them, whilst the shoe size might be correct, the width of it isn’t. This is where the ‘wide-fitting’ cycling shoe size option some brands offer is a perfect choice if you’re struggling with getting the correct cycling shoes.

Most people could find wide shoes beneficial for their cycling, but don’t realise this as they don’t wear wide shoes in everyday life. When your foot is under pressure in a shoe that doesn’t fit correctly, it can lead to more injuries in the lower back. By providing room for the bones of the forefoot (metatarsals) to move dynamically under strenuous load whilst cycling is the key to improving your foots functionality. One of the brands now pioneering wide fitting cycling shoes is Lake. These shoes give the forefoot width and expansion whilst leaving the rest of the shoe alone. The entire length of the shoe isn’t changed, these wide fitting shoes focus on a wider forefoot.

Another factor in an incorrect fitting shoe could be your insole, each foot is different and some people can have a lower foot arch than others, or a higher arch. This is important as it can offset your knee by having too big of an arch. Lake offers a wide range of different size insoles/footbeds you can try so as to get the optimal fit. Properly fitted arches in your everyday shoes as well as your cycling shoes will make a huge difference in comfort and performance.

First on our list of wide fitting shoes from Lake is the Lake CX177 Road Shoes – Wide Fit

Lake CX177 Road Shoes - Wide Fit

For performance at great value paired with a wide fit, the Lake CX177 Wide Fit Road Cycling Shoes are a good option. The nylon sole is fibreglass-injected to make it incredibly stiff with no compromise on comfort. A Clarino microfibre and mesh upper keeps weight low and durability high, and this wraps around the foot, secured by a side-mounted L6 BOA Push/Pull lace closure system. Carbitex tongue panels reduce friction for smoother, easier tightening of the laces and Lake's Sport last cradles the foot to prevent excess movement and has a fitted toe-box and high arch. This wide fit version is perfect for riders who find standard fit cycling shoes a little too tight.  

Next is the Lake CX238 Carbon Road Shoes – Wide Fit, CX/TX Competition Last – A 100% carbon fibre sole. With a profile specifically designed for very high-cadence riding & higher pressure, the Competition last features a more curved profile than the Sport last. The main differences include increased toe pitch & heel lift, a tighter heel & a slightly wider ball girth to allow the foot to expand under high pedalling pressures. The upper of the shoe includes a full grain Water Resistant Premium Leather and mesh with hook lycra & Outlast heel lining. Helcor heel panel and rubber toe bumper helps protects the upper from scuffs and scratched. Outlast temperature regulating heel and tongue lining offers a luxurious foot feel, while maintaining a breathable, durable & firm grip to your foot.

Lake CX238 Carbon Road Shoes Wide Fit

The correct fitting cycling shoe does wonders for your biomechanics on the bike, the wide fitting option open up many new sizing options for people who could struggle to find a pair of shoes to fit them. We have a wide variety of wide fitting cycling shoes available at Hopefully you gained some newfound information about cycling shoes in this blog!

Until next time!

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