Cycling Shoes without Cleats

Cycling Shoes without Cleats

Most cycling shoes on the market are designed to be used with a specific cleat system. But there is still the option to purchase cycling-specific shoes without having to use the cleat system.

Advantages of cycling shoes without cleats?

There are many advantages to riding a bike without cleats. One reason is that it is easier on the knees. When you have cleats, your feet are locked into the pedals and your knees have to do all the work. This can cause pain and even injuries over time.

Another reason is that it is more comfortable. When you do not have cleats, you can wear any kind of shoe which can be more comfortable for long rides. Additionally, not having cleats make it easier to get on and off your bike which can be helpful if you have to stop frequently.

What type of pedals do I require for shoes without cleats?

Flat pedals are one of the most popular options if you're cycling without cleats. They generally come supplied with most city bikes and prove to be very popular with many cyclists.

Our favourite cycling shoes without cleats!

One of our favourite options is the Northwave Evo collection. The shoes are designed with Michelin rubber soles, just like the rubber compound found in Michelin car tyres.

This technology offers an excellent grip on the peals even in wet conditions. One of the disadvantages of cycling without your feet being cleated to the pedals is the grip. On occasion, your feet can slip off the flat pedals, especially while cycling in wet conditions.

If you ever decide that you might like to try the cleat system, the Evo shoes are SPD cleat compatible, the inserts are located within the sole of the shoe.

Ladies version — click here

Mens version — click here


If you plan on cycling without cleats, spend a little extra on good-quality shoes that offer excellent grip.

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