Introduction to BMC Bikes

One of the bike brands we pride ourselves in stocking in Cycletribe is BMC, a bicycle brand from Switzerland where every bike is packed full of Swiss made innovation and clever engineering to really give a BMC bike that futuristic feeling.

Founded in 1994, the name BMC is an abbreviation of Bicycle Manufacturing Company. They started life off as a Raleigh Bicycle distributor until 2001 when they shifted their focus to producing their our bikes. BMC have an in-house Impec Lab which is the heart of all their research and technology. The extensive research they put into their bicycles has paid off as many of the world’s top athletes go-to bike is a BMC, it’s a testimony to themselves that their bikes have been raced to Tour De France and world championship glory in recent years. BMC truly are at the forefront of the top bicycle manufacturers today.

Us lucky folk at have gotten our hands on the BMC collection and thought we’d see for ourselves just how slick this collection is. Keep reading down below to find out what all the hypes about. All of them are available on our website.

BMC Roadmachine & Teammachine, what’s the difference?

A commonly asked question is what is the difference between the BMC Roadmachine and the Teammachine, the Teammachine traditionally is built with a more aggressive pure road bike geometry for racing whilst the Roadmachine is an endurance bike built for all round cycling. The Roadmachine has a slightly longer wheelbase of 8mm which should make it more enjoyable to ride on some rougher roads. Either of these bikes are great pieces of kit and have the upmost respect in the cycling world.

The BMC Teammachine Bike Range

The BMC Teammachine bikes are broken down into the SLR01, SLR, ALR DISC and ALR families. Only the ALR comes with rim brakes. The SLR01 is the top end of the Teammachine, including ultra-lightweight carbon fibre and has a whole host of aerodynamic features. The fork profile and seat post are both designed to cut through the air with minimum resistance which is important when chasing those seconds in a race, while the integrated cockpit neatly hides all the cables inside the handlebars.

Starting us off is the 2023 BMC Teammachine SLR Six Road Bike — What’s not to love about a bike that comes equipped hydraulic disc brakes whilst keeping it lightweight? The BMC Teammachine SLR SIX Disc Road Bike combines aerodynamics, stiffness, weight and compliance, making it a good option for fast-paced road rides and long sportives. The stiffer bottom bracket provides a more efficient power transfer when you’re really pushing on the pedals whilst elsewhere the frame is more compliant for greater comfort. This comfort is supplemented by the D-shaped carbon seat post and clearance for 30mm tyres if required which is a big plus. An integrated cockpit, internal cable routing, fork profile and tube shapes reduce the bike’s drag through the air as well as adding a neat look Hydraulic disc brakes provide great control and stopping power whatever the weather and Shimano’s 11-speed 105 drivetrain gives easy shifting across the breadth of the 11-32t cassette, which makes light work of any hills. The wheelset, Mavic’s Open Disc rims are shallow enough not to be affected by crosswinds, making longer rides in all weather conditions less fatiguing. All of these components combined make the Teammachine a clear winner in terms of affordability, reliability and an all-round great bike.

2023 BMC Teammachine SLR Six Road Bike


Also available from the Teammachine line, the 2023 BMC Teammachine SLR01 Road Bike — This is a higher specification line. This frame comes in an electronic group set option whilst also including a higher carbon fibre grade, SLR 01 Premium Carbon ICS technology.


The BMC Roadmachine Bike Range

There are three models within the Roadmachine range, the Roadmachine, the Roadmachine X and the Roadmachine 01. This range traditionally has a slightly longer wheelbase than the Teammachine line.

As BMC have said, what use is a road without the Roadmachine? Which brings us onto our next bike in this guide, the BMC Roadmachine One Road Bike.

BMC Roadmachine One Road Bike

This bike is a real head turner, equipped with hydraulic brakes and Ultegra Di2 electronic group-set. This bike that truly does it all. Rooted in endurance, the frame has been revised to perfection and added more compliance-boosting attributes to make this bike your go-to choice for all-day adventures. BMC have said it is their highest performing all-rounder, it’s designed to go the distance with resolve. The top of the range Roadmachine 01 uses the lightest weight carbon BMC can offer and comes with a fully integrated cockpit to hide those cables nicely. One step lower, the Roadmachine shares the same frame design and geometry, with a slightly lower grade carbon used and less integration than the 01 model but sharing many high quality features between both bikes.

BMC Road Bikes In-store and Online

Both the BMC Roadmachine and Teammachine lines are available from us in-store and online here.

We hope you gained some new knowledge of the BMC Bikes by reading this blog and can agree on just how innovative they are, the professionals swear by them, why don’t you?

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